MAN TGE 4.180 platform truck

The scale model of the MAN TGE is made by Conrad and was released in 2021. This livery is called municipal orange and is thus far the only version of this model. The TGE is the lightest vehicle in the MAN product range, and shares its platform with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Volkswagen Crafter. Conrad also made a box van version from it's Volkswagen counterpart.

MAN TGE 4.180 (Conrad)

The model comes in a Conrad branded cardboard box with foam wrapping. There is no MAN branding on the box.

MAN TGE 4.180 (Conrad)

Overall, the casting has nice details. Unfortunately, Conrad chose to not highlight all of them. On the front, headlight washers are casted, but painted with the rest of the cab. A space is available for a license plate, but this is left blank (whereas the box van model mentioned before does have a license plate).

MAN TGE 4.180 (Conrad)

On the rear it's the same story: many details casted, but not highlighted. Strangely, Conrad highlighted the towhook with a stripe of black paint, but leaves the power socket next to it untouched. Above the towing hook there is again a space for a license plate, complete with license plate lighting. These lights are usually in a black housing. Just a couple dabs of black paint would have added to the detail level. The rear lights are painted.

The loading platform is metal, painted completely in a metal color, again without highlighting of the handles. The platform has no opening panels. The front rack is made of plastic with realistic perforated profiles. Inside, the platform has very basic modelling of lashing points.

MAN TGE 4.180 (Conrad)

The cab has nice detailing, with crisp printing of the truck model. Door handles are highlighted and the windows have the rubber seals painted on. The side mirrors have a shiny mirror finish and the indicator lights are painted on. Inside, the cab is detailed in two-tone design and has steering wheel and gear stick modelled. The plastic door protection has a side light casted, but this is (once again) not highlighted. The front wheels have a tiny and barely readable MAN label printed.

Where the front rack of the platform was made of plastic, Conrad chose to make the side protection a metal part.

MAN TGE 4.180 (Conrad)

Underneath the model has it's drivetrain and exhaust modelled in plastic. The front wheels appear to have a steering construction, but the wheel mounts and its connecting bar are a single part with some flexibility. This makes it possible to steer the wheels to the left or right, but they don't hold their position when you let go. A strange halve functioning design...

MAN TGE 4.180 (Conrad)


The MAN TGE 4.180 platform truck by Conrad is an interesting model. In Europe there's hardly a construction site where you don't come accross a platform truck like this, so it's a nice fit in a construction diorama. The execution by Conrad is a bit of a mixed bag. Conrad added many details in the castings, but then they 'forgot' to highlight these details. A missed opportunity. The review model had a blister in the paint on the drivers side door.


  • Interesting model choice
  • Sharp decals


  • Basically no functionality
  • Many opportunities to add detail missed